VAT on e-commerce presentation

vatOn 28th August the SAOUG hosted at UP Library, a talk on  “VAT on e-commerce – current position and the way forward” by Ruaan van Eeden. The presentation is now available.

VAT presenter pic

VAT pic

VAT pic 2

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SAOUG Eastern Cape Branch event: 8 Sep 2014

You are cordially invited to attend the next event of the Eastern Cape Branch of the SAOUG that will take place at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth on Monday 8 September 2014 at 10:00. 

Why User Experience is a sexy topic in the Library of Today”–Talk by Prof Darelle van Greunen

User experience incorporates all different types of research but also considers service design. This presentation details the definition of user experience and human computer interaction and traces its relevance to and adoption by, libraries. It addresses issues such as the relevance of ergonomics in libraries, the need for ethnography and the makeover of libraries in this day and age.

SAOUG DarelleProf Darelle van Greunen is a Professor in the School of ICT at NMMU. Her background is multi-disciplinary, ranging from languages to psychology to computer science. The focus of her research is using ICT as an enabler in solving real-life problems. She also considers the role of the human in engaging with technology to ensure a positive user experience.

Cost: R40 for paid-up members; R100 for non-members

RSVP by Monday 1 September 2014 (by 12:00)  to Jean Thomas: 

Cancellation fee: In case of “no-show” or cancellation of less than 7 days before the event; you will have to pay the full non-member price (i.e.: R100)

 Please find the full programme

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SAOUG invites you to a talk regarding VAT on e-Commerce


SAOUG invites you to a talk 

“VAT on e-commerce – current position and the way forward” by Ruaan van Eeden

  • Date:     Thursday, 28 August 2014
  • Time:     08:30 – 11:00
  • Venue:  Merensky II Library, Auditorium, University of Pretoria (Campus directions)
  • Cost:      R140 for paid-up members; R220 for non-members


  • 08:30 – 09:00       Registration
  • 09:00 – 09:30       Coffee / tea & snacks
  • 09:30 – 09:40       Welcome and announcements by SAOUG Chair, Susan Scheepers
  • 09:40 – 11:00       TALK by Ruaan van Eeden

About the talk: Regulations pertaining to VAT on e-commerce became effective on 1 June 2014, starting a new era of VAT compliance for foreign suppliers of electronic services. Although the scope of application of the final regulations was significantly reduced through various consultations with National Treasury, it will still have a significant impact on the provision of, inter alia, educational services. The aim of the discussion will be to unpack the new regulations and its practical application on the education sector.

TO RSVP: Please complete the REGISTRATION FORM by Friday, 22 August   OR

Alternatively contact: Petro / Christelle at:

Cancellation fee: Please take note: In case of “no-show” or cancellation of less than 7 days before the meeting, you will have to pay the full non-member price

For more information contact: Petro van der Berg / Christelle Steyn at

SAOUG Website:


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SAOIM 2014: Evaluation Online forms

SAOIM_logo3 large

In order to improve our future conferences we would appreciate your feedback from SAOIM 2014. Please tell us about your experience


Social Reporting Workshop Evaluation form, 2 June 2014 @University of Pretoria.

Workshop 1: Brian Kelly: Let’s predict the future: Evaluation form, 3 June 2014

Workshop 2: Jane Gikandi: Maximizing electronic resources: Evaluation form, 3 June 2014

Workshop 3: Joe Murphy: Directions and Destinations: Evaluation form, 6 June 2014

Conference Day 1-2 Evaluation forms:

Thanks for completing the forms. I hope you enjoyed the Workshops and Conference days


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SAOIM 14: Papers presented on day 1- a summary

Invited speaker, Prof. Johan van Niekerk, sharing a guide on how to stay safe online, by changing passwords now and then, having different passwords for different applications, considering having your private remain just that “Private”, staying legal all times and not being a bully to other people online.

Susan Murray from, AJOL during her presentation discussed the current state of publishing. Their research report will be available in open access after the end of June.

Followed by a very informative paper delivered by Dr Carina van Zyl from the CSIR on Predatory publishers. There are tools such as Beall’s list of predatory publishers that libraries can use to stay safe from these Predatory publishers, Beall can be followed on twitter @jeffery_Beall

Lessons learnt in aligning information services to organizational strategy…Michael Mavuso from, Sasol took us through the Sasol journey of their Infonet. He mentions the lessons learned, the process followed, the different stakeholders involved and how the stakeholders from different functions work together to deliver services needed by clients. He shares how Sasol aligns it’s library sources to the business strategy, and how they have filtered and re-packaged their information resources to facilitate informed business decision making.

Di Kruger from Rand Merchant Bank, dressed like a rapper and dancing on stage to Vanilla Ice …..and she even got the delegates at #saoim to join in….all librarians hands in the air. Di spoke about librarians in a BT world – the presentation is about Sharepoint, the benefits of using Sharepoint, collaboration, and storage. Di further discusses what went wrong and the role of the librarian in the implementation of Sharepoint in her organization.

The after lunch session started off with a much-anticipated talk by an invited speaker, Carmen Holdstock, Associate-Tax, Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Inc, who spoke about VAT on e-commerce. Libraries will be accountable for VAT leakage and VAT burden. In future planning of budgets will have to make provision for VAT on e-commerce will.

A vendor made a comment: will they get guidelines on how to communicate with their suppliers regarding registering?. If your library was not yet aware of this, we refer you to the Press release published on the LIASA website, click here to read the press release Read the press release .

Ria Groenwald from the University of Pretoria took us through their journey from a dream to international collaborations, by taking us through her paper titled From analogue to digital: the road to international collaboration. The presentation focused on the digitization of content, and the collaboration between University of Pretoria and the Biodiversity Heritage Library. She further explains how they use the internet archive to upload to the Biodiversity Heritage Library. The internet archive is an open library.

Carike Schoeman from the University of Pretoria, spoke about Web 2.0 and library 3.0. As libraries where are we. We have probably stepped into Web 3.0, we have already started with linked data services, we constantly find ourselves directing users to the right sources of Information.

Day 1 was concluded by a talk given by Jane Gikandi, Ag University College of Kenya. The paper was how Knowledge workers can be used to promote the use of electronic library resources.

NB: Links to papers presented during the conference will be made available in due course

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Keynote: Joe Murphy, Librarian & Innovator, USA…Technical analysis and inspiration points for library futures

A lot of questions being raised by Joe Murphy @libraryfuture on twitter. One fundamental point to take with as librarians is not to be afraid of technology, technology is an extension of what we already know, it is nothing to be afraid of. The future is also not passive, it is participatory, let’s not be passive to technology.

Questions to ponder on

  • What are the inspiration points needed to drive the future of libraries?…Joe Murphy’s inspiration is on the changes that libraries themselves can bring, not necessarily the big corporations
  • Who are the partners we should collaborate with?
  • What will libraries look like in the future?….mobile has already happened, everything is smart, smart objects, smart humans, smart spaces, smart humans…etc etc
  • So what are the areas of opportunity facing libraries?…everything around us not just people is creating data….talk of internet of things, smart everything is now a part of us.
  • Rules for the future

-It will be “We and not I”
-Think about the “What ifs”
-Less barriers
-Criticize through your ideas

  • What are the technologies that reveal questions?

-Driverless cars
-Drones…these are no longer just for wars, they can also be used for content, services and will have impact on opportunitiesjoe
-Google glass
-Google helpouts
-Smart contact lenses

2014 Reports to look at
Internet trends of 2014 report
NYT Innovation report 2014

Joe Murphy’s presentation here

Follow Joe Murphy on Twitter @libraryfuture

Joe Murphy SlideShare presentation:


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SAOIM Conference workshop 1: Lets Predict the future, by Brian Kelly, Bolton University, UK

What a lively hands-on workshop, facilitated by Brian Kelly an active blogger on the UK Web Focus blog. Interesting thoughts came out of this workshop this morning and attendee’s where challenged to think and reflect (Predict) on the future of Libraries. For those present both physically and virtually you would agree that we were challenged to think about technology differently, not to see technology just as technology, but to understand strategically the implications some of the technologies will have on the people that use them, for example. Brian Kelly shared with us his thought on how to spot the most relevant technologies now and for the future.

What also came out strong and stood out, was the technology trends identified for Libraries for now and the future…Question…”Will the library of the future still need knowledge workers of the day or will information management and resource creation and discovery to be left in the hands of Google and Amazon”?.

Thoughts that remained with some of us this morning:

  • But what really will happen in the future?…”Majority of people have never really trusted people who want to tell me what the future will be” 
  • Has the future arrived?
  • Many of us think of the future, but what do we need to watch out for?…Brian answered this one and advised that maybe in the future there will be need to:-
  1. Change business processes
  2. Re-consider or think carefully about the resources we intend to invest in
  3. Very important to invest in training and development
  4. Consider deprecating some of our existing resources


Note to Brian Kelly: From SAOUG & OSALL and all the attendees of your workshop this morning and the entire conference at large, we would like to thank you for taking time to come and share with us your experiences and imparting your knowledge with us.

Conversations about the workshop are also on

See Brian’s Presentation 

twitter @saoug10 #saoim 

Interesting up to date posts on our Facebook page

On LinkedIn 

Feel free to connect with Brian Kelly on Twitter @briankelly


 -Enjoy the rest of the conference-


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