Keynote: Joe Murphy, Librarian & Innovator, USA…Technical analysis and inspiration points for library futures

A lot of questions being raised by Joe Murphy @libraryfuture on twitter. One fundamental point to take with as librarians is not to be afraid of technology, technology is an extension of what we already know, it is nothing to be afraid of. The future is also not passive, it is participatory, let’s not be passive to technology.

Questions to ponder on

  • What are the inspiration points needed to drive the future of libraries?…Joe Murphy’s inspiration is on the changes that libraries themselves can bring, not necessarily the big corporations
  • Who are the partners we should collaborate with?
  • What will libraries look like in the future?….mobile has already happened, everything is smart, smart objects, smart humans, smart spaces, smart humans…etc etc
  • So what are the areas of opportunity facing libraries?…everything around us not just people is creating data….talk of internet of things, smart everything is now a part of us.
  • Rules for the future

-It will be “We and not I”
-Think about the “What ifs”
-Less barriers
-Criticize through your ideas

  • What are the technologies that reveal questions?

-Driverless cars
-Drones…these are no longer just for wars, they can also be used for content, services and will have impact on opportunitiesjoe
-Google glass
-Google helpouts
-Smart contact lenses

2014 Reports to look at
Internet trends of 2014 report
NYT Innovation report 2014

Joe Murphy’s presentation here

Follow Joe Murphy on Twitter @libraryfuture

Joe Murphy SlideShare presentation:


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