2012 Conference


11th Southern African Online Information Meeting (SAOIM)
Innovation in an age of limits
5-8 June 2012
Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa


2012 Conference Links

Meet the SAOIM 2012 Committee members from SAOUG, SLIS & OSALL:

From left to right: Chris Cromhout, Susan Scheepers, Fanus Olivier (OSALL), Pavlinka Kovatcheva, Madelein van Heerden, Petro van der Berg, Janet Zambri, Rejaene van Dyk, Adele van der Merwe (SLIS) & Luzanne Volschenk (Authentic Events CC)

Absent from the meeting: Devind Peter, Janice De Wee, Elmi Bester, Siphethile Muswelanto, Jean Thomas (Eastern Cape Chapter)

Updated: 18/06/2012

15 comments on “2012 Conference

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  2. Is there a firm schedule for seapkers? I want to come, but may not be able to make it for the whole thing, but wanted to decide when I came based on the seapkers I wanted to see most.

  3. Hi – what is the due date for registration? If more than 8 register from the Univ of Pretoria – will you send an Invoice with the correct amount including the 50 % discount.

    • Institutions sending 8 or more delegates are eligible for 50% discount. Discount not applicable to workshops.

    • Hi – I am with a government department and the payment process is very long. I have registered but have not yet received my invoice. Will a government order number be sufficient proof of payment to secure my place?

  4. Hello Joanne, You would have received your invoice by now. Kindly provide your government order number as soon as possible. It will be accepted.

  5. Hi , I just wish to check if my membership fee is paid by my institution TUT. I will confirm with the relevant department from my side. For conference registration that will be sorted out tomorrow with the Head Of Library – Polokwane LIS.

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