Social Reporting Volunteers at the 11th Southern African Online Information Meeting (5-8 June 2012)

11th Southern African Online Information Meeting

This is the informal work space of the Social Reporting team. In this space, we will  document the logistics and arrangements, the division of labour and the list of tools we will be using.

For more information, contact the Social Reporting coordinator: Elmi Bester.

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Who are we?

We are loosely knit group of energetic volunteers, using social media to:

  • Contribute to the advocacy of the profession. This will be achieved during the SAOIM by collecting stories which profile information professionals and their activities;
  • Create a narrative report of the event, including delegates’ commentary on the event, a Twitter stream (#SAOIM) and blog posts with daily overviews. This will also allow off-site people to follow the proceedings at the conference, and can serve as a show case of the profession to prospective professionals (such as students) and sponsors of the profession at various institutions.  It will be brilliant if we can also attract off-site participation. As social media is a two-ways communication, it enables an interaction with “outsiders” soliciting for their offsite participation in the onsite presentations and discussions, as well as stimulating discussions about the topics the event covers.
  • Increase onsite engagement. Using event participants as social reporters, social reporting allows a more active engagement of the participants themselves. Where traditionally an audience would be passively listening and taking individual notes at most, social reporting stimulates your audience to more actively engage, to think about the topics and to discuss them. Inviting commentary from delegates will also contributes to this objective.
  • Capacity building and training. Engaging an onsite social reporting team gives you the opportunity to train people in social media tools, methods and content generation which are meaningful for your purpose. This enables them to “take home” a technical baggage of these tools, which can be used in their “normal” work setting.


 Name  5 June 6 June  7 June  8 June
 Elmi Bester (CSIR) Y Y Y Y
Pavlinka Kovatcheva (UJ) Y Y Y Y
Siphethile Muswelanto (CSIR) Analytics, Archiving Analytics, Archiving Analytics, Archiving Analytics, Archiving
Nomvuyelo Ngcangula (CSIR) Y Y Y Y
Janice de Wee (UP) Y Y Y Y
Christelle Steyn (UP) Y Y Y Y
Kosie Eloff (UP) Blog, video Blog, video
Liezl Ball (UP) Blog
Louise Patterton (CSIR) ? Y Y ?
Mari Brightmore (Academic Marketing Services) Y Y
Solvej Vorster (UCT) Y Y
Susan Scheepers (UP) Y Y
Molefi Nyofane (UJ) Y Y

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