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  1. You said that the one thing that unites librarians is their passion for the profession (badly paraphrased, apologies to Bettie!). I absolutely agree. Let me explain why by sharing a bit of my story.

    About two years later ago, I started getting involved in our library’s ebook investigations [*]. Since then, I’ve learned so much about librarianship – and libraries – that one of my friends called me a librarian once [*].

    You see, my background is in information science, but with strong a focus in multimedia development [*]. I had a sound knowledge of libraries after I graduated, but this wasn’t my field of specialisation. However, digital -is- my field of specialisation, so I’ve been following our library’s activities through a binary lens.

    What I’ve witnessed over these two years has been an almost zealous determination to remain relevant and to *just get the job done right*.

    So, judging from what I’ve witnessed as a participant observer, I’m not surprised that librarians are trending on Twitter.

    [*] Majoring in computer science / design / digital media. Overview of the degree: http://bit.ly/mmundergrad

    [*] And I liked it.

    [*] I work at the University of Pretoria. This involvement is part of my own research into ebooks, but I also had some advice to give. =)

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