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At the 12th SAOIM 2014 we are privileged to have three international speakers.

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Joe Murphy Jan 2014

Joe Murphy: Director, Library Futures with Innovative Interfaces (USA): Website; SlideShare

Keynote Topic:  “Tech Analysis & Inspiration Points for Library Futures”

The library ignites local moonshots with inspiration points. Those points of passion from print books to technology hubs can spark projects with unintended local benefits. The result is community innovation and empowered creativity. The library plays a role in driving creation with creativity. The library also plays roles with technology. Libraries react to opportunities presented by technological change, they facilitate technology design and testing. Joe Murphy analyzes some of the major current and next technology areas so that libraries understand their meaning and impact and are ready to provide excellent information services within the contexts changed by those trends. Libraries have bright futures because they are part of our communities’ future. It is a great time to be a librarian.

Joe Murphy will also present a post-conference workshop at the SAOIM 2014

Brian kelly

Brian Kelly: Innovation Advocate, Cetis, University of Bolton, UK; Website; UK Web Focus – blog; Research Gate profile;

Keynote topic: “Understanding the Past; Being Honest about the Present; Planning for the Future”

How should libraries predict and plan for technological developments? When it comes to future planning, how can libraries identify the ‘weak signals’ which may indicate possible significant changes?

If we look back to the past to our childhood we may have had over-optimistic views on benefits which technological developments would provide: robotic vacuum cleaners, jet packs and holidays to the moon have failed to arrive. In other respects, however, visions of the future have been surpassed, with the Communicator used by Captain Kirk on Star Trek being inferior to the Android and iPhone smart devices many people now use regularly.

This talk describes a methodology used by Cetis in their work with Jisc to systematise the prediction of technological developments.

However there are dangers that predicting the future can simply provide an echo chamber which seek to reinforce established expectations of what the future may hold. Such prediction activities can therefore be of little value unless they are accompanied by interpretation and analysis which leads to appropriate actions. The talk will describes ways in which the implications of evidence-based emerging patterns of usage can be interpreted and analysed and appropriate plans formulated.

Brian Kelly will also present a pre-conference workshop at the SAOIM 2014

Jane Jane Gikandi – Kenya: LinkedIn; Open Access Profile

Keynote topic: “Kenya Library and Information Services Consortium (KLISC)”

The consortium deals with collective subscription to electronic resources (KLISC will be celebrating 10 years in a few months). I will be looking at what the impact has been in terms of maximizing on use during the one decade of existence.

Jane Gikandi will also present a pre-conference workshop at the SAOIM 2014

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