Eastern Cape Branch

2017 SAOUG Eastern Cape Branch Representative 

SAOUG is currently looking for a nominated representative to work closely with the SAOUG Exco in organising events in the region? Please contact Mrs. Christelle Steyn, SAOUG Chair, should you be interested in this exciting opportunity.

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The Eastern Cape Branch of the SAOUG was formed in 2009 and holds at least 2 meetings a year.

2015 SAOUG Eastern Cape Branch Representative

The new SAOUG Eastern Cape Branch representative from 2015 is:

Karlien de Klerk, Manager : Technical Services
Library Service: Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture
Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality
Tel. 041-5061374
E-mail: kdeklerk@mandelametro.gov.za

2015 Events

8 May 2015, Friday: SAOUG Eastern Cape Branch event

e-Book management using the open source application Calibre”– Talk by Simon Goldstone from NMMU.

Simon GSimon Goldstone is a Teaching Development Professional with the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Media at NMMU. His background is in Information Technology and he is currently completing research towards a Master’s degree, focusing on Blended Learning and the factors influencing technology adoption amongst academic staff. His true passion lies in empowering users to utilize technology to the fullest within their personal practice

About the talk: e-Books and e-book reader devices offer readers a powerful, flexible and effortless experience. Managing one’s e-book library and transferring e-books between an e-book reader and a computer are made simple using Calibre – an open source application available to Mac, Windows and Linux users. This presentation will introduce the application Calibre and demonstrate its use in conjunction with a Kindle device, exploring the full power of the application’s features for e-book management.

2014 SAOUG Eastern Cape Branch Representative

SAOUG JeanJean Thomas from NMMU served as a  SAOUG Eastern Cape Representative until the end of 2014.

2014 Events

 8 September 2014: SAOUG Eastern Cape branch 

SAOUG DarelleThe SAOUG Eastern Cape branch hosted at NMMU a talk on “Why User Experience is a sexy topic in the Library of Today” – Prof Darelle van Greunen. Pictures from the event are available on the SAOUG Facebook page

After defining user experience, Prof van Greunen spoke about designing library experiences. This was followed by comparing the past with the present w.r.t. changes in information acquisition and the convenience of digital information. She also referred to “new digital students” and explained their information-seeking behaviour; students may sometimes find the library web site hard to navigate and be frustrated. Read MORE…

16 May 2014: Eastern Cape Branch of the SAOUG event

SAOUG Darelle

  • Venue: Seminar Room M218 (enter through M214); MTL Building, 2nd floor; Summerstrand Campus (North); Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth
  • Talk: ”The librarian, the technology and the cloud…” – by Prof Darelle van Greunen
  • Public announcement
  • About the talk: Tablets and e-books have all contributed to a worldwide fall in book sales. Now, they’re changing the way libraries work. How do we create e-libraries using the cloud? This talk will focus on what cloud computing is and how it impacts on libraries.
  • About the speaker: Prof Darelle van Greunen is a Professor in the School of ICT at NMMU. Her background is multi-disciplinary ranging from languages to psychology to computer science. The focus of her research is using ICT as an enabler in solving real-life problems. She then also considers the role of the human in engaging with technology to ensure a positive user experience.
  • RSVP by Monday 5 May 2014 (by 15:00) to Jean Thomas

2013 Events


Prof Reinhardt Botha presented a Workshop on social media to the SAOUG EC branch on Friday, 10 May 2013. He called his workshop: “Exploring the You-niverse”. Pictures are available on SAOUG Facebook page

He said that every person using social media must know that they revolve around him/herself as a person and should decide on where they want their primary social presence to be. This would differ from person to person, as this presence presents the essence of who you are. Every person should decide on the role of social media in his/her life, as nobody can and have to be completely up to date.

The Workshop covered: RSS feeds, social bookmarks, e.g. delicious, Slideshare, Twitter and Google+ . The workshop attendees had the opportunity to explore each of these tools in an online environment.

Feedly as an RSS reader, is an example of a “listening tool” with which you can keep up with relevant information on various sites on a personal and professional level, in one reader. You can decide when to read and what to read.

Google+ was explored as a social media space, presenting you with a way of connecting to people you know and network with them on either a personal and professional level. Participants created Circles and saw the value of Hangouts as a means to conduct online chats, webinars and even meetings.

On Twitter you can control who you listen to and build up a list of people with similar careers and interest, so that you can monitor what they share and in return share information with them. Prof Botha then showed how Hootsuite (www.hootsuite.com) can be used to monitor a number of social media in a single environment and have them presented in a grouped layout on screen.

SAOUG1 Social bookmarks store your Bookmarks or Favourites in the cloud. With Delicious you can follow others’ Bookmarks and build up communities of people with similar interests and careers. You can group your Bookmarks and Tag them for future ease of finding similar sites.

Slidehare is a site where you can search for presentations on information you are interested in and also share your own presentations. Presentations can be downloaded and you can also follow presentations of people and conferences.

Professor Botha closed his presentation by summarizing the value of these social media as mechanisms that allow people to be heard and to establish an online niche.

(Written by Ms Elna Burger)

2012 Events

SAOUG Eastern Cape meeting, 12 October 2012

The SAOUG Eastern Cape branch held a meeting on Friday 12 October 2012 in the CTLM Seminar Room, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

Tea and coffee with scones were served at the start of the meeting whilst registration took place. Eighteen persons attended from different institutions in the Eastern Cape, including several from public, special and academic libraries.

Prof Reinhardt Botha from the School of ICT at NMMU gave a presentation entitled: “Social Media:  A double-edged sword.”   Bad news sell newspapers. Many people are therefore intimately aware of the negatives (time wasted, bad spelling, questionable social behavior) and the downright ugly (supporting real-world crimes, cyber bullying and privacy breaches). The talk acknowledged the dark side of social media, but also argued that there is a good side. Enabling niche groups, connecting with old friends and family and providing a platform for individuals are some good stuff. What is more exciting though is the absolutely superb. Two examples, counseling to drug addicts and doing volunteer math tutoring, show how social media can be used for the better of society. We need more people to see the good and superb side of social media.

Prof Botha encouraged dialogue and questions and comments. Some of the questions dealt with one’s right to privacy and the ability to block unwanted guests from accessing one’s sites. The talk was well received by those present, most of whom indicated that they used using social media in one form or another. Prof Botha was thanked for his talk and given an Exclusives Books voucher as a token of appreciation. The meeting adjourned at 12:10.

Find more pictures rom the event on Flickr & Facebook

SAOUG Estern Cape meeting, 18 May 2012


We were delighted to welcome Delia Thompson as our speaker, who had kindly agreed to speak at the meeting when the designated speaker asked for a postponement.

Delia started the Communication Academy after receiving a teaching diploma in speech and communication from the Trinity College of London (which is associated with Cambridge University). She has presented training to most of South Africa’s Blue chip companies and government departments; even Selby Baqwa , the Public Protector, is on her list of clientele.

Delia spoke on the topic of Relevant Research which was most interesting. She focussed a lot on the reference interview and gave tips on how to ask researchers questions especially when they may not know exactly what they want or have second language problems.  The younger generation have a different way of communicating and that the library should take cognisance of the trend.

The atmosphere of the meeting was comfortable and attendants felt encouraged to interact and give their opinions. It was a rewarding meeting for all concerned.

Pictures from the event are avaiable on SAOUG Flickr & SAOUG Facebook page

Thanks to Jean Thomas for organising the event. (21/ May/2012)

2011 Events


On 21st June 2011 the Eastern Cape Branch of the SAOUG held their first event of 2011 in the Senate Hall of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (North Campus) in Port Elizabeth. Altogether 34 delegates attended the event.

Hennie Rautenbach gave a most interesting and entertaining talk on Social Networking: tips and tricks. One of the delegates remarked afterwards that Hennie could easily have started earlier and given a lengthier talk as there was so much that all of us learnt from him.

Hennie Rautenbach gave a most interesting and entertaining talk on Social Networking: tips and tricks. One of the delegates remarked afterwards that Hennie could easily have started earlier and given a lengthier talk as there was so much that all of us learnt from him.

Susan Scheepers, who has the portfolio on SAOUG Membership, told the delegates about SAOUG aims, interests and functions, and encouraged the delegates to join.

  • Madeleine Claire was elected as the EC Branch Meetings Organiser
  • Pelisa Hlanga as the EC Branch Honorary Secretary

After the event the delegates enjoyed finger lunch.

Jean Thomas (Jean.Thomas@nmmu.ac.za)(1/7/2011)


Contact us:

Eastern Cape Representative

  • Jean Thomas

Updated: 14/12/2011

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