SAOUG 2013 Events

26 November 2013: SAOUG End-year event

SAOUG Bill Price

  • Venue: Duo of Dreams, Eldoraigne, Centurion
  • TALK by Bill Price: Don’t walk into the future backwards!
  • Read MORE about the workshop
  • About the talk: Billl will provide some inspiration on how to make the most of life in spite of all your challenges. . . . when your get up and go has got up and gone. When times are tough and what got you to where you are is not enough anymore.

23 August 2013: SAOUG Workshop on Marketing

Mike Said

  • Venue: Eagles Fare Restaurant (Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens) Roodepoort
  •  TALK by Mike Said: Marketing… It just ain’t what it used to be!
  • Read MORE about the workshop
  • About the talk: A lighthearted yet searching look at the ever changing minefield marketers need to negotiate on a daily basis. Mike specializes in Marketing, Branding, Strategy and Social Media and after twenty two years in the hospitality industry – working from the ground up – it has left him no wiser to the understanding of waiters, customers or franchises BUT he insists he will keep on trying.

05 June 2013: SAOUG Workshop on E-books


  • Venue:  Knowledge Commons; CSIR, Pretoria
  • TALK: Enhancing books in the digital environment – Kosie Eloff
  • 2 parts e-books workshop: Talk and practical exercise
  • Read MORE information about the event
  • About the talk: When books become digital, they become part of the digital environment — where “enhancement” becomes a function of whatever is possible in this environment. So, asking the question: “What is an enhanced ebook?” is really the same as asking: “What is possible in the digital environment?”

14 February 2013: SAOUG Valentine’s Breakfast meeting


  • Venue: Shelanti, Centurion
  • Talk: Effective Communication – Roz Griffiths (Voice Clinic)
  • Read MORE information about the event
  • Pictures from the Event (Facebook)
  • About the talk: Roz Griffiths will discuss how to benefit from the power of the voice, body language and eye contact in communications. Dynamic negotiation skills, the handling of conflict situations, passive-aggressive and assertive behaviour listening skills and also skills of observation will form part of the talk.

 Updated: 27/03/2014


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